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The Nutcracker

We have been to movies, concerts, theatre .. but never to a ballet .. or I should say together we have been to movies, concerts, theatre .. this was our first time together at a ballet .. though Rohit has been to one or two ballet performances as a kid 😀😀

I was really excited about it when we booked our tickets a few weeks ago and was really looking forward to it .. but then life happens .. work gets super busy and on top of that both of us get sick ..

Fast forward to Friday .. we get home from work and get ready to go to the ballet .. we could have taken the train or driven .. and I suggested driving as both of us were not feeling 100%

Usually, we are really organized and more than prepared for everything, but this time unfortunately no, in a normal scenario:

the tickets / passes are saved / stored in the wallet app in both are phones, orwe have print outsthis time we did not have the print outs and it was just saved in his wallet  We pretty much do everything together as a team, so…
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A Gem from Siddipet!!!

Monday morning it is and the Bathakammas (flower girls) wanted to go out and experience the sub-zero temperatures .. they have been inside for way too long and would love some fresh air .. and maybe some snow flurries too 😜😜 so we all decided to go to work on Monday morning and check out Christmas decorations after work 😊😊
Some of you might have heard about the Gollabhama Saree from Siddipet, Telangana, India. This saree has received Intellectual Property Rights Protection or Geographical Indication (GI) status. 
Siddipet is known for its handloom sarees. The Gollabhama Saree is an adaptation or change from the older versions. It is ironic that these sarees are popular but still there is not enough activity in terms of sales and income generation for weavers. Like at a lot of other weaving clusters, the younger generation is not very keen on continuing with weaving and is looking for other employment opportunities.
Coming back to the sarees, there are three different motifs that are …

Annual Christmas Party!!!

Hello Everyone .. I have been away forever and there is no reason as such .. life and commitments took over and the blog got pushed way down on the list!! But better late than never as they say 😊😊
It is December 2017 already and that means Christmas and New Year and holiday decorations and holiday cheer and parties 😊😊
When we lived in Vancouver .. both our employers had Annual Holiday Gatherings, but here in Edmonton .. it is just my husband’s employer that organizes one 😊😊
So, we attended the Annual Christmas Party this weekend .. I know people have started calling it a Holiday Gathering over the last few years .. but I still think of it as a Christmas Party!! 
While growing up, I attended a convent school till grade 6 .. and Christmas celebrations were big and lots of fun!! Likewise, the party this weekend was fun and we had a good time catching up with some of our friends 😊😊
And it’s not hard to guess .. that I decided to drape a Saree to the party instead of a dress  .. even th…

Mini Spring in March

I have been meaning to write for a long time .. but it is not happening .. I get thousands of ideas and words and sentences when I am walking to work, doing dishes, trying to reconcile a spreadsheet, trying to sleep .. but when I sit down in front of the computer to type some thing .. I draw a blank .. the only creative stuff I have done in the last few days is when I draped a Saree and wrote about it on my Facebook page .. I will maybe write about it here as well ..

Last weekend of March, our friends were celebrating their daughter's first birthday .. and the day of celebration was a bright sunny day with temperatures above zero (around 10 degrees maybe)
The dress code was formal and I just did not feel upto a dress and tights .. so I decided to drape a Saree .. a brand new Assam Silk one .. that I recently added to my collection .. one of my friends was traveling to India in January and was kind enough to bring it for me :) :)

The color and fabric of this Saree is so rich .. it …

The Shiva Trilogy

We bought this one at the Indra Gandhi International Airport in April 2014, on our way back from India .. and it took me almost three years to get to the series ...

The books were lying untouched till the last week of December 2016 and I finally said to myself "enough is enough" .. and packed the first two for our trip to Cuba ...

I started reading the first one in our flight to Varadero and was done with the first two .. probably by the fifth day of our trip .. had to wait to get back home as I didn't bring the third book along to Cuba

It was very relaxing to read the books while lying down at the beach .. and listening to the waves and seagulls on a bright and sunny day ...

I read the third one after getting back home and finally finished it last week ..

The books are interesting .. I enjoyed reading the trilogy. I liked how the author tried a practical / story like spin and not like a religious text ... and it was nice that the facts or what we know from the scripture…

Hello again :) :)

Hello Everyone!!

I have been missing in action .. for four long months .. and it seems like forever

I changed jobs late last year ... and it has been soooo busy ... much more than what I imagined ... of course I moved at a very busy time .. but still I did not think it would get that crazy

It is fun to learn new things .. but it gets too much sometimes

I have decided that I need to make time for myself again and start doing things that I enjoy .. and writing in this space is one of those ..

We did go to Cuba during the last week of 2016 .. it was no where close to what we expected or hoped for due to multiple reasons .. still I am thankful for the opportunity to just relax on the beach and read books and not look at computer screens :) :)

Here are a few pictures of the last sunset of 2016 and it was a very beautiful one :)

Spot the moon in this one ;)

Happy Diwali!!!

It is great when a big festival falls on a weekend .. it means that we can celebrate and have fun!!

The Diwali this year is on October 29th in Canada and October 30th in India .. meaning we will have celebrations all weekend and then Halloween on October 31st :)

Happy Diwali Everyone!!!!

As I mentioned so many times, that I live in Edmonton and it gets cold and we are in deep freeze for at least five months of the year .. the colder temperatures have set in for this year .. but not that bad though .. in comparison to -35 degrees 0 or -2 feels balmy ;)

I was planning to dress up casually for Friday .. and then I wake up to a facebook page full of friends in Sarees and I could not resist the temptation ;)

It was -2 degrees and grey and foggy .. but the weather will be like this everyday for the next six months and Diwali is once a year festival .. so Saree it was :)

It wasn't perfect Saree weather .. but then what fun is life without a few challenges ;)

I went through my closet to f…