Friday, October 21, 2016


The sunrise this morning was spectacular!!!

What. A. Show.

Initially, I tried clicking through the glass window .. but no .. a sunrise like this .. needs a little more effort .. so, I stepped out in the balcony .. it was zero degree and wind gusts of 25km per hour ;)

As they say .. No pain, no gain!!

The colors are being reflected in the River too!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Random Utterings ;)

Random Utterings by yours truly ;) ;)

Patience is a virtue, that I flushed away many years ago!!

We buy more Lindt chocolate than we buy aloo (potatoes) and pyaz (onions)!!

I reply "because you are the husband, pray to the Good Lord, that you are born a wife in your next life and you can be right always"  to Rohit's "but honey, why am I always wrong"

Friday, September 30, 2016

Days of Gratitude - September 28, 29, and 30

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September :)

September has been a busy month with lots going on all fronts, but I have been trying to keep my calm, do as much as I can, and be happy and thankful about the situations / curve balls / opportunities that life throws at us :)

The Fall / Autumn colors are in full bloom right now .. still havn't gone out for a walk ;)

I have been trying to catch some foliage pictures from our balcony though .. but the results weren't to my liking .. sun light too much or too little, glare, not clear, etc etc ..

Today, finally on September 30 - I am happy with the pictures I got and will share those here as a wrap up to the Gratitude Challenge :)

I really enjoyed going through this exercise as I was more aware of my day-to-day activities and more present and appreciative of what I have .. I wasn't able to post everyday but I made notes for each day and posted whenever I could ..

Hope you enjoyed reading it too - Thank you :)

Days of Gratitude - September 27

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September :)

My sister got back from Tofino yesterday .. she was travelling from Vancouver to Edmonton, in Via rail .. a minor technicality was that instead of reaching Edmonton at 11:00 PM, the train reached at 2:20 AM ;)

She really enjoyed Tofino though and says .. it was the best part of her summer adventures .. and that makes me happy :)

She went on a hike and shared a few pictures .. I think she clicks pretty cool pictures .. frames them really well :)

I have had a rash on my face for a few days .. and I am happy that it is getting better .. I think it was due to dryness as I have not changed any face products .. I waited for the rash for subside earlier, it didn't get any better so I went out and bought Vitamin E cream and cleanser from Body Shop .. that stuff has worked for my skin earlier and it didn't disappoint this time either :)

Days of Gratitude - September 26

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September :)

The weather Gods were in a good mood today and I decided to make the most of this opportunity .. above twenty degrees in September means Saree to work .. yay!!!

A few of my previous Saree days are here, here, here, here, here, here, and here ;)

Nothing says Autumn / Fall better than this deep yellow color .. I paired the Saree with a printed crop top from Forever 21 ..

The morning was chilly .. so to beat the chill, I put on a navy blue cardigan and burgundy ankle boots .. isn't dressing up fun?

When I said to Rohit, I am wearing boots .. he said "Boots with Saree" .. I said "yes honey, Boots with Saree, it is going to be fun :)"

This Saree is a purchase from a local store in Bangalore .. I bought this in 2001 .. when I was doing Management Training with MYRADA and PLAN ..

It is a very simple everyday Silk Saree with Temple Border .. where the Saree and Border are woven separately and later interlocked ..

Here are a few pictures :)

Days of Gratitude - September 25

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September :)

It is Sunday and I am relaxed and happy .. My sister is coming back tomorrow night and I am looking forward to it :)

I took care of laundry yesterday and did some cooking .. Rohit said he wants to cook some for Prerna too .. we will have a lot of yummy food in the house this week .. yay!!!

Days of Gratitude - September 24

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September :)

This will come across as funny .. but I am thankful for the "Fit and Flare Dresses" and "Peplum Dresses"

I love wearing dresses more than skirts .. pants is another story .. I have worn pants maybe five times in the last two years   .. I just don't like pants any more :)

The reason I love fit & flare and peplum style dresses is because they help hide some extra pounds ;)

I could be bloated, but still get a lot of compliments as the dress looks good :)

Days of Gratitude - September 23

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September :)

Today, I will express thanks for my one and only :)

My dear husband (DH) Rohit .. who is always there for me .. doesn't matter whatever the situation ..

He puts me above and before everything else .. even if I am being difficult or rude or thankless .. he makes sure I am fine .. There are times when I want to be left alone ..but if he realizes (and I also do later) that it is a two person task .. he will not butt out but stay there till I finish whatever I am doing :)

I do not have enough words to say .. how thankful I am to have him as my friend, my life partner, my husband, my partner in crime, my guinea pig , my punching bag ...

When "Eat, Pray, Love" was released, he asked me if I would like to go watch the movie at the Cinema .. I said no, I will go with my girlfriends .. but none of my girlfriends was free - work or kids or prior appointments ..

Finally, I said to him "Ok, you are my boyfriend and girlfriend, can we please go watch that movie before they stop screening it" and he goes "sure honey, whenever you want" :)

This is what he does too !!

His style joke ;)

Days of Gratitude - September 22

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September :)

I would like to express my gratitude for the sunrises and sunsets that I have been witnessing in the last few days - it is amazing!! I just can't stop looking at them or feeling amazed every time, with the patterns and riot of colors that goes on ..

We lived in a house earlier .. so did not have a lot of elevation .. but now in this apartment building .. we have the advantage of elevation and unobstructed views ..

Every sunrise or sunset that I have seen in this new place .. is different .. the colors, the lights, the clouds .. the whole set-up is one of its kind .. so beautiful .. so picturesque .. so divine .. so priceless .. some are more vibrant or blast of color or extra ordinary than others .. but each show is unique :)

What happened tonight would fall in the extra ordinary category  .. why don't you see it for yourself :)

As you can see, I went a little crazy taking pictures .. why not though, for something as beautiful as this?