Thursday, September 22, 2016

Days of Gratitude - September 9

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and write every day for the month of September :)

We now live in Downtown and my work is on the south side of the city, which means I cross the North Saskatchewan River once in the morning and once on my way back ... I did post about the River once earlier .. you can find it here

My commute to work is a train ride now .. no more bus .. the train is underground for a few stations .. and then gets outside or overground or overwater .. when crossing the River between Grandin and University LRT stations .. and goes underground again ... I love looking at the River .. find the steady flow of water very calming ..

And we are lucky to have a bit of the view of the River from our apartment .. and I am very very thankful for that. 

We get to see the bend in the River from our living room .. I have purposely placed the couch by the balcony door .. So I can see the water flowing while having my tea on a weekend morning :) :)

This is what I woke up to on September 9th .. it was a beautiful sunrise and I was reminded of the hindi phrase "Suraj ki Lalima" and it roughly translates into "Sun's reddish glow"

You can also see a glimpse of the Legislature Building in this picture .. the dome and the flag right next to it ..

I clicked a few pictures of the River as well

The light wasn't that great or my angle wasn't right .. and I zoomed a lot to catch the yellow sunlight on the trees in the distance .. I have some better pictures from a different time / day .. will post those soon ..

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Days of Gratitude - September 8

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and express / document my gratitude for everyday in September :)

We are still unpacking and settling in gradually .. and of course .. my closet was the first thing I tried to get going .. piece by piece .. emptied a few bags that had work clothes out for day-to-day ease .. A few days later I decided to bring out the Indian wear and not-used-that-often clothing out as well ..

A day after, I noticed .. the racks falling apart and things getting out of control .. we decided to move some hangers out and hang them on the doors .. in the meantime I also let property management staff know .. that something is not right ..

A guy came in and looked at the stuff and said - the closets are not meant to hold this much .. what a bummer? Thankfully my sister was home and she mentioned to him "what is the point of a big closet, if you can't even put stuff in there"


After the guy left, I called the site manager and he assured me that they will get it fixed and I am happy to share that my closet is fixed now .. It took about a week .. but who cares .. the clothes are in and I am happy :)

They put in some extra support .. so that the racks don't curl up again ..

All is well! All is well!

Days of Gratitude - September 7

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and write about something ... everyday for the month of September :)

On September 7, this is what I woke up to and that made my day :)

I don't think .. I need to say anything else ;)

Days of Gratitude - September 6

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday for the month of September

September 6 was the first day after the long weekend and we all know how hard it is to get to work after a long weekend .. I had to drag myself out of bed and get ready for work ..

I was feeling sleep deprived and really needed tea to wake me up 

As I have mentioned earlier, I have great coworkers .. and one of them came to my rescue again .. a big thank you for that :)

The milk in the fridge had gone bad and I did not feel like black tea .. she offered that I could use this creamer .. I was a little hesitant and thought about it for a few seconds, but then said .. "yes, please! thankyou! you are an angel"

Rohit has suggested these creamers / flavors a few times and I have always said no .. but that day I was desperate for tea and willing to try new stuff ;)

And to my surprise, I actually liked it .. and said to him .. "you were right, I should have tried this long time ago" ... next grocery shopping trip .. I bought two of these creamers - one for office and one for home :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Days of Gratitude - September 5

I decided to do a "Gratitude Challenge" and post for everyday in the month of September

As I mentioned here .. Monday, September 5 was a holiday .. an extra day to sleep in and be lazy .. a big thank you for that!!

Another thing I need to mention here .. if you have not already guessed by now .. my husband loves food .. sometimes I wonder if he loves food more than he loves me .. and I can already see my sisters and friends rolling their eyes and asking me  "Really?"

In his words "I don't eat to live, I live to eat"

We have a lot of food related discussions and arguments (sometimes) and a lot of planning happens around - what to eat, and sometimes where to eat?

His comment on this will be "honey, we need to plan because you are a picky eater! I can eat anything anywhere"

We started our Monday trying to decide brunch options and zeroed down on De Dutch .. because all three of us love crepes .. and here is all three of us .. sleepyheads ;)

and all our yummy food :)

After brunch .. we walked a few extra blocks ... and noticed that there were road blocks .. A lady was stood right outside our apartment building in a fluorescent vest and we asked her if there was some race going on .. She mentioned that it was the "Tour of Alberta" about to start in 20 minutes .. she also mentioned that it is one of its kind cycling race in Canada ..

The moment I heard that .. I felt so happy and thought .. wow .. the benefits of living in downtown .. 

If you like, you can read more about the race here

The participants had to do eleven rounds of the circuit in downtown and the route was a mix of uphill, downhill, and flat ... we decided to hang out for a few rounds .. but it was too much fun to go home before the end .. and the best part was that instead of staying at one spot .. we walked to a few different spots on the route :)

The day wasn't very sunny .. so the pictures didn't come out that great .. but we definitely had a fun-filled afternoon ...

The Bailey in "Go Bailey" is someone's fiance and she had this written with chalk at a few spots .. it was cute!! 

Trying to take a selfie and also cheer the bikers at the same time ;)

This part is a steep hill ... just looking at them cycle uphill .. I started to feel tired ;)

The finish line at Churchill Square

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Days of Gratitude - September 4

I decided to do the "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday in September .. I have not kept my promise in terms of everyday .. but I have things to be thankful .. so "better late than never" ..

We had labor day holiday on Monday, September 5th - it was a long weekend and Sunday felt like Saturday .. isn't that great?

We decided to take it easy and enjoy our new space .. easier said than done .. I can tell you that ;)

It just feels good to have S2 stay with us for a few extra days .. instead of quick 4-5 day trips .. that end before they even start .. of course her and I argue a lot and snap at each other and get on each other's nerves .. because we have our own ways of doing things and we both are control freaks .. but who cares .. in the end we are sisters .. we miss S1 all the time, and talk about silly things from our childhood .. and then try to do silly things to be funny ;)

Anyways, going back to the day in question ... lazed on the couch for some time and then got restless .. so opened a box here, a box there .. left the stuff somewhere else and created a bigger mess ;)

A girl's gotta do .. what a girl gotta do !!!

We had lots of leftover food from "Apna Punjab" (a new place we discovered recently) - finally found Paneer Kathi Roll in Edmonton after searching for three years ..

After all that food .. some more couch time .. that felt great!

I don't think I have mentioned .. our rental apartment building has a swimming pool ... and I always wanted to live in a building with a pool :)  We decided to finally check out the pool on Sunday and spend some time there .. without boxes, phones, TV .. you know what I mean ..

It is a different story that both S2 and I don't know how to swim ... it is on my do to list .. so lets hope I can check that off soon!!

To summarize, it was a happy and satisfying day ... I could not find any picture with a pool .. so hot tub it is ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Days of Gratitude - September 3

I am so behind .. it is not even funny!!

I decided to do the "Gratitude Challenge" and post everyday in September .. will still do it as I have plenty to be thankful for :)

Friday after work went to a friend's place to see her and their new born baby girl .. she is such a cutie pie .. I had met her once at the hospital .. but she looked different and grown up .. after a few weeks :)

Saturday was a day with hanging out with my old friends, sister, and husband ... we had Chole Bhature at Remedy Cafe .. I even tried their Kashmiri Chai .. and liked it!!

After we got home my sister made yummy yummy mimosas!!!

I decided to ignore the boxes to be packed and closed my eyes to the mess .. just focused on the company and conversations :)

It was a nice, bright, and sunny day and that just added to the happiness :)

Of course, I did laundry in the evening and unpacked a box and argued with my sister, but that is part of the fun too .. isn't it ;)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Days of Gratitude - September 2

I read somewhere about "Days of Gratitude" and "Gratitude Challenge".

For the month of September, I will try to post every day and share what I am thankful for :)

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been a little complacent and lost in my own world over the last few weeks .. I have not even spoken much to my parents .. just a whatsapp message here and there ..

This morning when I was waiting at the cafeteria for my early lunch .. instead of just staring at the wall .. I called mum and had a quick chat with both mum and dad .. it felt good .. they were happy and I was happy :) :)

I am thankful for my parents and their never ending love and support :)

Days of Gratitude - September 1

I read somewhere about "Days of Gratitude" and "Gratitude Challenge".

For the month of September, I will try to post every day and share what I am thankful for :)

On September 1, I was thankful:

  • that my youngest sister S2 is visiting and staying with us
  • a friend is visiting from out of town, and I got a chance to meet her and other friends .. we had a great time just catching up, sharing jokes, and laughing ..

Even though I try to stay in touch with my friends in different parts of the world, but sometimes the craziness of everyday life .. just makes everything feel like a chore .. I have been so engrossed / occupied in the moving project over the last few weeks / months that I got complacent about connecting, expressing, and sharing ... and the meet up was a reminder of how blessed I am :)

Here's to being thankful for life and what all I have :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

August - a mixed month!

August has been a busy month ..

Our house finally got sold ... Thank God for that :) :)

It will be another blog post for why ;)

The month of August and half of July was spent in looking for rental apartments in Edmonton, sorting through stuff, packing and moving .. we have moved into our new apartment and now we are unpacking and trying to go through things that we might have to give up as we do not have that much space .. moving is a pain .. but downsizing is a bigger pain ...

I am definitely missing our last home (house) .. but am happy about the fact ... that the amount of work to maintain the place will be reduced and we will not have to shovel any snow ...

I unpacked my Sarees yesterday and was thinking about draping one this morning .. went to bed after 12 last night and was really tempted to sleep extra 30 minute this morning .. but I did not :)

The mornings and evenings are getting cooler and am not sure for how long - will it be OK to drape a Saree .. it was a bit cold this morning too and I felt it as I stepped out of the building to walk to the train station ..

There was another question in my head while getting ready ... will I be OK taking the stairs down to the station? I said to myself "only one way to find out" .. So, when I was going down the stairs .. had to be very careful .. making sure .. I don't trip on my own Saree ..

The Saree that I draped this morning was bought in 2001, while going through the MBA Program in Anand .. I am sure some of you might have heard about the Tribhuvandas Foundation (TF) .. if not here is some new information for you :)

TF was registered as a charitable trust in 1975 to improve health facilities in rural areas in Kheda district in Gujarat and in addition to that it provides a source of income to women by engaging them in handicraft activities ..

We had to do a study on one of the projects being run by TF and after the meetings I decided to check out their handicraft store .. the store had beautiful bed sheets and cushion covers with patch work and embroidery, bags with mirror embroidery work and tie and dye Sarees .. needless to say .. I bought a lot of stuff including two Sarees .. in two different colors .. one in beige/brown and one in grey .. I no longer like beige/brown color .. but oh well ..

Selfie in the train .. as DH walks to work now and I commute on a train instead of a bus ..

another selfie .. outside the office building .. to capture the beautiful summer blooms ..

I can't really do good selfies .. so asked a co-worker to click my picture .. thank you :)

It was really windy so had to hold on to my palla from it being "hawa me udta jaye"

Not sure if these blue shoes go with the rest of the outfit .. but didn't have too much time in the morning and grabbed whatever I could see ;)


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer blooms!!!

I usually use the side entrance to enter and exit my office building .. a few days ago I stepped out from the front entrance ...and I was beautifully surprised ..

I loved the color combinations and arrangements .. and know the work it takes to make it look like this ... so really really enjoyed spending some time with flowers, without doing any work ;)

Hope you enjoy it too!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bhelpuri with a twist!!

What happens when you want to have bhelpuri .. But no onion and tomato .. Simple .. Add celery and blue berries ;)

Sunday Evening Bhelpuri!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


We all have experienced or seen bullying in different forms and at different stages in our life. It could be during school or university years or at our work place.

The bottom line is that it affects the person being bullied at many (physical, emotional, mental) levels.

Last night we watched a movie called "Cuban Fury". The movie was categorized under romantic comedies and there was a bit of romance and comedy in the movie. But for me, I don't really remember the romance or comedy part, what I remember is bullying.

I am still thinking about the movie and one specific character, the Bully - what a jerk!!!

And I wonder
- why does it happen
- how come one human being thinks that he has the right to mistreat, disrespect, abuse (emotionally, physically, mentally) other human beings
- why is the person being bullied not complaining or reporting the Bully
- why, the society as a whole is not able to see those red flags (Bullies) without the bullied person having to report

My work place has strict anti-bullying rules and I have not really seen any incidents, but I have heard stories from other people in different organizations.

I had seen these quotes earlier and think that they are relevant in the context of bullying ..

Friday, July 22, 2016

Huffington Post

Super happy and thankful to share that I have something published on The Huffington Post!!!

Here's the link

Thank you for reading :):)

Monday, July 11, 2016


As you all know, we live in Edmonton and if you didn't .. you do now ;)

And you also know that I prefer not to discuss social or political issues as everyone has a different opinion .. some people respect other's opinion and some don't. I do not like getting into confrontations or situations where discussions transform into personal attacks ..

But something that I heard last week, has stayed with me and I thought about mentioning it here ..

There is a radio station 101.7 World FM and it is called Ethnic Radio in Edmonton. It plays programs in different languages all through the day. I have that station tuned in while getting ready for work as the program at that time is in Hindi / Punjabi.

Last week, they were advertising about some realtor .. and what made me upset was the way the advertisement was written / scripted.

A husband and wife are having a conversation about selling their house and finding a realtor. The wife suggests a name and husband agrees with it, what I did not like was the husband saying to the wife "that first time in your life, you have said something sensible" or something to that effect ..

I rolled my eyes and thought .. come on guys .. you want to advertise the realtor .. talk about his work, his achievements, how he can help the clients .. why have sexist jokes attacking females .. why pick on some one .. once in a while joke is fine .. we all laugh about those in our homes and relationships .. but have it play on the radio multiple times .. for something totally irrelevant .. is not right ..

This cycle / chain needs to be broken .. kids hear their parents .. brother makes such comments to the sister, boy friend makes fun of the girlfriend, son ridicules his mother .. and the joke passes from one generation to the next .. this kind of stuff is not funny .. women are not stupid or dumb .. we need to have respect in all relationships and for everyone ...